One of Pluto's cows: Cubicow (1.5m)

Pluto is another world with alien cows. It is by getting to the second level in Mars, but you have to pay 10 diamonds to unlock it. The cows on Pluto are all Geometric, and produce Sapphires They poop more than regular. You will earn more coins than usual.


To unlock Pluto, you must unlock the second level on Mars. To get to Pluto, you must pay 10 diamonds. Unless you are very far in Mars like having 4 huge cows, it is free.

On Pluto, your cows will produce Sapphires while you're away for ten minutes (can be upgraded with Sapphires up to 19min and then with diamonds up to 25min). However, cows on Pluto will freeze after a while; they then will stop producing Sapphires until you unfreeze them. To unfreeze, you have to tap the ice block five times. You will gain Sapphires whose amount depends on the cow race.