Mars is a planet inhabited by alien cows. An alien is sent to come and "abduct" cows from you and gives you rubies in return. The amount of rubies you receive depends on what cow the alien asks for. You can then click the mars icon near the bottom right and warp to mars.

On Mars you can get an egg for 3 rubies. It then acts like a crate and opens to reveal an alien baby cow. As you progress, larger cows can also hatch from the eggs.

Unlike on earth, no ultimate beings can be created on Mars, instead you can trade an Apocowlypse, the last kind of alien cow, for 30 diamonds.

Alien Cows Edit

2015-03-01 20.57.18

The six first alien cows from left to right, first row; Alien Cow, Evolved Alien Cow, Martinoos. Second row; Cowlady, Sentrimoos and Alfoos.



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