I think i'm safe from the wiki now. It's time to unleash some stuff.

Moopedia: All cows (including Mars and Pluto!)

Farm: Baby Cow, Adult Cow, Mootant, Hypercow, Mamooth, Alpacow

Land: Boveye, Enormoos, Cowzilla, Moosa, Longcow, Dairy Daisy

World: Betsy, Uddra, Triangus, Cowtipede, Mooriel, Bahamoot

Universe: Cowtlas, Divinititis, Mooximus, Cowroboros, Prismoo

Mars Land: Alien Cow, Evolved Alien Cow, Martianoos, Cowlady, Sentrimoos, Alfoos

Mars World: Bully, Stinkzoid, Twinnie, Moorpheus, Cownnectis, Apocowlypse

Pluto Land: Cubicow, Milkow, Origamoo, Mooleficent, Cowboom, Ugly Mooly

Pluto World: Miny Mooo, Polycow, Cow-a-Bunga, Stepludder, Gelamoos, Psycowdelicu'z


Biologist: Complete the Moopedia (Each cow is 3%, this includes all 5 Universe cows and all Mars cows.)

Tap-tap-tap-tap: Tap 300 cows.

Cowfusion: Fuse cows 1,000 times

Cattle for Sale: Purchase 123 cows.

Milk Delivery: Open 2,000 crates

Farmboy: Reach 10,000 coins per second

King of Coins: Reach 50,000 coins per second

Ecownomist: Reach 1.0 Mi coins per second

Tons of Fun: Upgrade you Delivery Box to get bigger cows.

Moo Parade: Have all farm cows wearing the same hat.

The Party: Have all farm cows wearing different hats.

Cowllectables: Get one of each hat in the game.

Adventurer: Discover the Land level. (Discover Boveye.)

World Domination: Discover the World level. (Discover Betsy.)

Whaaaat?: Discover the Universe level. (Discover Cowtlas, Divinititis, Mooximus, Cowroboros or Prismoo)

Time Traveler: Recreate the Universe.

Cowmmitment: Recreate the Universe in less than two weeks.

Speed Run: Recreate the Universe in less than one week.

Space Invader: Discover Planet Mars. (Discover Betsy, you unlock Mars after discovering Betsy.)

Cowssified Report: Discover all cows from Mars.

Cowbusiness: Sell 100 cows to the Martian.

Shine Like diamonds: Sell 2 Apocowlypses to the Martian.

Forgotten Planet: Discover Pluto.

Cubism: Discover all cows from Pluto.

Freezer: Unfreeze 200 Pluto cows.

Diamonds with ice: Sell 2 Psycowdelicu'z to the Martian.


Apocowlypse is the size of Enormoos.

Earth makes coins per second, Mars makes rubies per minute, Pluto makes sapphires per minute.

Pluto cows freeze and don't make sapphires until unfrozen by tapping them.

You unlock Pluto by getting the lastest update and then making it to the Second Level of Mars. (You have pay 10 diamonds to go to Pluto.)

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