Each achievement gives 1 diamond for completion.


Achievement condition comment
Biologist Complete the Moopedia that includes all 5 Ultimate Beings
Tap-tap-tap-tap Tap 300 Cows
Cowfusion Fuse cows 1,000 times
Cattle for Sale Purchase 123 cows
Milk Delivery Open 2,000 crates
Farmboy Reach 10,000 coins per second
King of Coins Reach 50,000 coins per second
Ecownomist Reach 1.0 Mi coins per second
Tons of Fun Upgrade your Delivery Box to get bigger cows
Moo Parade Have all farm cows wearing the same hat
The Party Have all farm cows wearing different hats
Cowllectables Get one of each hats in the game this includes all hats which need to be bought with diamonds
Adventurer Discover the Continent Level
World Domination Discover the World Level
Whaaaat? Create an Ultimate Being
Time Traveler Recreate the Universe
Cowmmitment Recreate universe in less than two weeks
Speed Run Recreate universe in less than one week
Space Invader Discover Planet Mars
Cowssified Report Discover all cows from Mars
Cowbusiness Sell 100 cows to the Martian
Shine Like Diamonds Sell 2 Apocowlypses to the Martian
Forgotten Planet Discover Pluto
Cubism Discover all cows from Pluto
Freezer Unfreeze 200 Pluto cows
Diamonds with ice Sell 2 Psycowdelicu'z to the Martian